The InkStone Project


The InkStone Project provides the software which replaces the default system font renderer of Microsoft Windows and gives you a better font smoothing function. The similar function is already provided by Clear type but it does not work well for east asia fonts such Japanese fonts. Formerly the gdi++.dll project, which drives for the same goal, used to work but it has stoped for half a year and more. We could choose to continue developing gdi++.dll, however the source code of it is very complex; So we decided to give up to continue and create new project.

The final goal of this project is to support UVS Subtable and to improve rendering speed and memory caches.

Obtaining InkStone

Source Code

We does not offer the latest tarball (snapshot of source code) but you can obtain it throught subversion repositry from You can update your private copy of InkStone source code by following commands:

svn co inkstone

Note that this checkout command trys to pull all module, tags and/or branches of InkStone project. Maybe you should add /trunk to the URL above to check out only trunk (main development line).

Binary package

Basically we only offer the pre-complied binary package which disable sub-pixel rendering and the True Type bytecode interpreter. If you want to obtain the yagixxxx.dll which enables these functions, you must compile it from source code. Please read the section of building before you compile.

You can obtain bainary package from the project page of this project on


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